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I found TheGPS-Shop.com has a great range of GPS products at really low prices. It's so easy to shop at this store too.
Joe Farino NJ
I found high quality handheld GPS gear at TheGPS-Shop.com and the prices were amazing.
Mike Fernandes FA
I run competitively and I purchased my Nike Triax C5 heart rate monitor watch from TheGPS-Shop.com. In fact, I purchased one for my wife too, because they were so cheap.
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I do a lot of cross country hiking and I found a huge range of GPS Tracking devices at TheGPS-Shop.com at very low prices. Just what I needed for my hiking.
Brian McArthur, LA
I picked up a marine GPS navigation device for my yacht at a great price from TheGPS-Shop.com. Thanks guy's.
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My golf game has improved dramatically since I got my GPS Range Finder from TheGPS-Shop.com. Their prices are so low too.
Peter Parker IL
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We have a great selection of GPS systems for cars, Handheld GPS, Automotive GPS Tracking Devices, Heart Rate Monitors, Geocaching and Training Watches.  Across our entire range of GPS Mapping Software and GPS Navigational products..........Buy Mom or Dad a great Hiking GPS or Automotive GPS to go camping or hiking!

ACT NOW and SAVE on our GPS Mapping Software, GPS Navigation Units, Heart Rate Monitors, and Tracking Devices for your Year End Motoring and Outdoor Activities.  


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TheGPS-Shop has it all...GPS navigation units for everyone!

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TheGPS-Shop.com specialises in the latest technology GPS units, GPS navigation, Personal GPS and GPS Tracking Devices for Automotive, Marine, Leisure and Security activities.  This includes Sports and Fitness activities and the new high-tech treasure hunt game called Geocaching.  We have In-Car GPS text to speech GPS units. Infact, we have GPS systems for any purpose including Handheld GPS, Portable GPS for Fitness Training, Trekking, Running, Golf, and GPS Software and Educational GPS Training DVD's.  We even have kids GPS tracking systems for the security and safety of your family.  Whatever the need, we have the GPS unit or device you require at Competitive Low Prices.

Your Guide to Buying a GPS Navigation Unit

There are several reasons why you might want to buy a GPS navigation system. These useful units are used in a variety of professional capacities and are becoming regular features included in new motor vehicles to provide drivers with fingertip capability for location finding. GPS navigation systems are used by many types of professionals in their day-to-day activities, including geophysical surveyors, farmers, map makers, geologists, fishermen, taxi drivers and domestic service people.
You may want a GPS system for a professional reason, or you may consider it for uses in sport and recreational pursuits, such as hiking, off road adventuring, travel, golf, geocaching or a variety of other reasons. The good news is that there is one of these GPS units for every possible application, and they continue to become more and more sophisticated and affordable. When buying a GPS unit you must always buy a unit that best suits your needs and the purpose for the device. In todays market of enormous variety of brands, models and price ranges, how do you begin to decide which GPS unit is best for you. If you are buying to provide street navigation while driving then an Automotive GPS unit is for you.  Then again, if you're a keen bush walker then the best GPS unit for you is a Handheld GPS unit or portable GPS unit mounted on your wristband. If you're a keen fisherman then you will need a Marine Fishfinder GPS unit or Chartplotter.

Fun & Games with Handheld GPS Devices

Like to travel? Or fancy a bit of sleuthing? With a Personal or Handheld GPS unit you can do both. The popularity of Personal GPS units has even resulted in a new "sport" called Geocaching. It's like a high-tech treasure hunt. Geocaching involves using a GPS unit (receiver) to find a "geocache" (or "cache") placed in a specific (and sometimes difficult) location, the co-ordinates of which are posted on particpating internet websites. A cache is typically a small, waterproof receptical containing a logbook and a "treasure". But don't get too excited about it - the "treasure" is usually not of any great value at all, but finders still get a thrill from getting to it first. Geocaching is spreading worldwide. For more info, check out Websites like: www.Geocaching.com, www.Terracaching.com and www.Navicache.com.   

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You'll never get lost at TheGPS-Shop.com. The Navigation Specialists
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